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As an Authorized Training Partner for the Project Management Institute (PMI), Velopi has to provide project management training that meets the PMI’s standards. You might think this should be enough to attract everyone who wants to be a project manager, or wants to be a better project manager, to our courses.

Understanding Project Management Training Needs

But, not all project workers find themselves suddenly in a project management role. Ambitious team members might find the whole idea of project management intriguing and want to put themselves in a position where they are ready to take up a project management role if one arises. For them, courses leading to a recognized qualification are ideal, as this will be a tangible proof of their interest and might tip the balance when deciding who should get the project manager position.

But it is not as easy as that. At different stages in their project management life, people have different training needs. For a newcomer to project management, a basic overview is required to get them off the ground. Unfortunately, many of us had project management thrust upon us and find ourselves planning projects and managing teams without any idea of what to do. Velopi’s one day project management course is designed to provide the fundamental ideas. At the end of the day, the students will be able to define scope, create a schedule, understand risk and appreciate the importance of communication.

Courses for Aspiring Project Managers

Being PMI Registered Education Providers, Velopi naturally provides preparation courses for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) accreditation. This is a four day course but also includes support throughout the process from applying for the CAPM® exam to unlimited access to online, simulated exams. Having the CAPM® certificate shows that you have the basic project management knowledge needed to begin your career as a project manager.

Another option for people in this position – interested in project management, but not experienced – is the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI previously FETAC), Level 6 Project Management course. As a QQI Approved Training Provider, Velopi can guide you to this qualification. The QQI project management course is three days in duration but requires completion and submission of two assignments within a month of the end of the course.

Meeting the Needs of Experienced Project Managers

However, the flagship course offered by Velopi is its PMI Authorized Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep course. This demonstrates our Blended Learning Solution at its best. Full support is provided, all the way from initial application to detailed insights on what to expect on the day of the exam. The PMP® certification is internationally recognized and is only open to experienced project managers. It is an ideal way of confirming your status as a project management professional. This is useful if you ever change jobs – potential employers are assured that you know what you are doing.

But even a full-on PMP® course is not enough to meet all demands out there. We have noticed that nearly half of our students do not sit the PMP® exam. This is not surprising. It is difficult to study for a serious exam while holding down a full-time and often demanding job. Similarly, domestic responsibilities can ruin study time at home.

Specialized Courses and Training Locations

This has led to Velopi developing a two day refresher course for those who did not sit the PMP® exam after their four/five day PMP® course. This two day course is also attractive to project managers who simply want training in the area, but are not interested in obtaining PMP® certification.

This year, the two day course has taken on a special significance because the PMI has updated the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®), so students who had taken the four/five day PMP® course and were unable to sit the PMP® exam now have to wrestle with the revised material. To cater for these, Velopi has developed a special PMP® bridging course to cover the same ground as the two day PMP® refresher course, but with special emphasis on the changes introduced by the new PMBoK® .

Location is another issue for potential students. Many companies offer project management courses in Dublin only, but we provide project management training in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway and virtually.

Despite this range of courses, we still are not catering for everyone. Many organizations have built up their own project management processes over time and have tailored them to their unique requirements. Velopi works with these companies to provide PMP® certification courses that are tailored to relate to the organization’s terminology. In these courses, the company’s process is presented and mapped onto the PMI’s organization and nomenclature. Thus companies can reward their project managers with the PMP® certification, while at the same time ensuring that the course is firmly anchored in their own project management framework.

It should be clear that Velopi is committed to providing the most appropriate training both to project management novices and professionals alike. We appreciate the need to tailor our training solutions to suit organizations whose project management processes do not exactly follow the PMI recommendations. To discuss you project management training needs in more detail, please visit our courses page or contact us directly.

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