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Our team collaborates closely with yours to understand your goals, challenges, and requirements. With this knowledge, we develop a customised training program to enhance your team’s skills, perfectly aligned with your needs. Trust our professionals to deliver impactful results for your organisation.

Our Project Consultancy Approach

Our strategy for achieving project management success at your organisation is focused on optimising learning and development outcomes. Initially, we assess your needs and identify any skill gaps. We collaborate closely with project leaders and stakeholders to set clear learning objectives. Following this, we design a tailored training plan that fits your project management requirements, selecting relevant topics, methods, and timelines together. Throughout the training process and beyond, we offer ongoing support to ensure long-term success in your project management endeavors.

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We can help create a custom training program to suit your organisation’s needs

Our Project Consultancy Services

Our proven methodology integrates People, Processes and Technology to achieve optimal business results, world class standards and industry best practice.

Velopi is a leading project management consultancy and training firm headquartered in Cork, Ireland. We provide project management consultancy services for people, startups, businesses and large organisations both nationally in Ireland and international.

Whether you are looking for contract positions to be filled or in-house/outsourced project management assistance with projects, we can help.


Identify your unique training needs


Create a flexible blended training strategy


Create a culture of learning with ongoing support

Scroll through some of our solutions we can provide for your organisation.

Project Planning

Planning a project can be difficult, even for experienced teams. This project stage is critical to project success and requires careful input to the Work Breakdown Structure, Schedule and Cost baselines and Project Management Plan.

Our project planning service provides an intensive 2 day planning session that facilitates the fast tracking of the project planning stage and guides your project management team in preparing the Project Management Plan.

Project and Programme Management

We provide Project and Programme Management services nationally and internationally. We cater from projects in the following domains, Information Technology, Software Development, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Business, Construction. Our skilled professional staff can assist with your project management and programme management needs in general, or in specifc areas of your projects.

Project Cost and Schedule Control

Our Project Cost Control and Project Schedule Control services manage your project ensuring that it achieves cost and schedule obligations and achieve successful completion. This service is individually tailored to meet your organisation’s or project’s needs and is fully customisable.

Whether you require initial project costing and project scheduling, determination of cost and schedule baselines or corrective / preventative actions to bring your project’s budget and schedule back to the baseline, Velopi’s experienced project management staff can help.

Project Recovery

We provide Project Recovery Services which provide solutions to recovering failing projects. Our project managers will determine what corrective actions are required to bring the project back in line with the original project cost and schedule baseline.

This service varies from project to project depending on the exact requirements. Velopi’s Project Recovery service will assist in the recovery of failed or doomed projects and direct the project back to baseline.

Project Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as a means to manage various aspects of a project without the costly resources associated with in-house teams. Outsourcing provides more successful project outcomes, due to its associated cost reductions and organisational restructuring.

Our Project Management Outsourcing service supplies Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified project managers to your organisations to project manage your projects. We can tailor our service to meet your demands and can place our experienced staff in your office to ensure a hands on approach.

Project Management Office Setup

Large projectised organisations benefit from the use of Project Management Offices (PMO’s). If your organisation requires a Project Management Office to be setup, we can assist in the preparation of PMO systems by providing advice, Project Management Tools and knowledge. We can also provide reviews as to whether a PMO would suit your organisation.

Project Management Maturity Assessment

Effective project management is vital to implementing your organization’s strategy. Yet, many companies do not manage their projects in a consistent fashion and, in some cases, they are managed in an ad-hoc manner. What is the situation in your organization?

To find out, it is advised to carry out a maturity assessment to determine at what level your project management is. Velopi’s assessment is based on Harold Kerzner’s work and it rates project management across five different levels:

  • Level 1 determines if those concerned with projects – team members, project managers, clients and support functions – speak the same language when it comes to managing projects. Weaknesses here are usually addressed by basic project management training.
  • Level 2 explores the processes being used to manage projects and how much support there is for project management at both front-line and executive level. It can take up to two years to become proficient at level 2. Training and coaching at management level is needed to get here.
  • Level 3 describes an organization that has internalized project management. Kerzner uses the analogy of a virtuoso musician, who no longer needs step by step instructions (or Standard Operating Procedures) to carry out the work. Instead, project managers can adapt the standard processes to any project they encounter; they only require guidelines, rather than detailed instructions. This is a mature organization.
  • Levels 4 and 5 relate to continuous improvement. At level 4, a Project Management Office might be set up and project management-related KPIs established. At level 5, we are constantly reviewing how projects are managed and optimizing where possible. In other words, a level 3 (mature) organization needs to keep on top of its project management competence to remain an effective asset to the organization.

Creating a Project Management Standard Operating Procedure

One of the key requirements for consistent project management is a common understanding of how projects are managed. Velopi has worked with several companies over the years to create a standard operating procedure (SOP) document that is not only relevant to their situation, but also is based on the principles laid out in the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Our experienced consultants will discuss your organization’s requirements and create a realistic SOP that reflects your project mix. For example, in many organizations, there are many small, low-budget projects that suffer under the full rigour of project management. We have devised lightweight processes that allow control without excessive overhead. We can also assist with project selection, enabling portfolio managers to weigh projects based on a variety of factors, such as scale, risk and potential return on investment. In this way, the optimal suite of projects can be identified quickly and objectively.

For training purposes, we have created a suite of generic project management templates. These contain the essential aspects of the artefacts concerned and form an ideal basis of tailoring to your organization’s needs. Having all project managers using the same templates and employing the same project management processes will make the high-level management of the portfolio significantly more straightforward.

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