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Project management is an applied discipline and practitioners need to ensure that they are aware of what developments are happening in their discipline. To ensure this, project managers, whether they hold professional credentials or not, should continue developing professionally throughout their careers. Continuing professional development is essential for those holding professional credentials, such as the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® qualification.

In order to support project managers with their continuing professional development, Velopi has developed a series of short courses. These are informed by academic research and are delivered by experienced project managers in a thought-provoking, engaging manner.

Courses for Professional Development

Velopi continuing professional development courses focus on specific aspects of project management. Our instructors are experienced project managers holding PMP® accreditation. Our courses are brought to life through original case studies and students will take part in group discussions that bring the topics to life.

Ideal for aspiring project managers, these courses offer practical training based on the PMBOK® Guide.

Continuing Professional Development
for PMI Credential Holders

Professional qualifications like those awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® differ from academic qualifications in that they are only obtained for a limited period of time. In order for project managers to maintain an active status with their PMI® Certification, they must regular attend continuing education courses.

For more details on PMI’s continuing certification requirements (CCR):

Professional Development Unit (PDU)

Project Management Institute credential holders earn one Professional Development Unit (PDU) for every hour of project management-related training, or in giving back to the profession. All required PDUs can come from training, or split between training and giving back.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill Areas

PMI® also requires a specific number of those PDUs to be earned in Ways of Working, Power Skills, or Business Acumen. In this way, project managers are expected to ensure their skills are kept current across the three sides of the PMI Talent Triangle.

Ways of Working

This relates to the process of managing a project.
Learning about the latest scoping, scheduling or budgeting techniques would be appropriate here, as well as exploring other project management approaches, such as agile.

Power Skills

Project managers are leaders and they need to understand how to lead and manage teams; how to negotiate with and influence stakeholders; as well as communicating effectively at all levels.

Business Acumen

Projects are change agents and are chartered in order to achieve business goals. Project managers need to understand the business goals and benefits expected of their projects. They also need to be able to communicate with sponsors and senior management in a language that they understand.

Since our foundation in 2007, Velopi has carved a niche in the project management training space that is based firmly on close relationships with both companies and individuals. As our clients’ needs have evolved, so have our project management training courses. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of project management courses that are designed to meet the needs of any organisation or individual.

“Velopi helped us achieve our first objective – gaining a high-level overview and common understanding of project management across the Team. We found the learning particularly useful in examining the versatility of our product and methodologies to meet our customer needs.”

Aisling Creedon
Team Lead, Enterprise Customer Success, Teamwork

“The biggest impact that the Velopi course had on me was learning how the science and framework of project management can help in managing people as well as through interpersonal and direct communication- the penny really dropped about this for me during the course.”

Ann Heffernan

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All students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate sends out a strong signal that you are serious about the project management profession and seek to develop further in this role.

Velopi’s continuing professional development courses are designed for practicing project managers. However, they are also suitable for those working on project teams or those in executive roles, who are concerned with managing the overall portfolio.

Project management is a transferable skill. Thus these courses are relevant to all industries from Medical Devices, through Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Construction & Engineering, the Public Sector, to Information & Communications Technologies.

This is reflected in the nature of our case study exercises. Students quickly realize that the problems they have faced in the workplace are very similar to those outlined in class.

Students also meet project managers from other industries and networking with these brings home the universal nature of most project management issues.

Velopi’s courses are aimed at adult learners. We value the life experiences of our students and encourage everyone attending to contribute and to apply their existing experience to new situations.

At the start of each course, students will be provided with their instructor’s e-mail address and contact phone number. They are invited to make contact if they have any questions after the class.

Each one of the “Club PDU” courses are stand-alone offerings.

Following a continuing professional development course, many students are inspired to take their project management development a step further and we encourage our students to discuss their career plans with us. We can recommend further formal training leading to more advanced qualifications.

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