Consultancy Service Example

On-Call Project Management Support-As-A-Service

The Problem

Often, inexperienced project managers find themselves out of their depth and have no one with whom to discuss their issues.

Velopi's Project Management Consultancy Examples

Are you encountering difficulties while managing your projects, programmes or indeed, your overall portfolio? 

Would you benefit from access to a project management expert?

Do you have new business requirements where you want to design a new product or service and avoid pitfalls in its implementation?

Do you need help in rescuing a project or initiative that has gone off track?

Our Process

For practical, proven solutions just when you need them, Velopi’s consultants give you the assurance of on-call subject matter specialists with both deep and wide-ranging industry experience, enabling you to achieve your business objectives.

Whether by phone, email or in person, your Velopi advisor is there to work with you to develop logical and effective action plans to resolve the issue at hand.

Velopi’s advisors actively participate in projects to ensure standards are being adopted and to assist in providing a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices, and templates.

This personalized knowledge transfer from experienced consultants encourages the development of competencies through example, guided learning and hands-on practice.

Our Solution

On-Call Project Management Support-As-A-Service

Velopi’s On-Call Project Management Support-As-A-Service provides you and your Team with on-call, expert support on a day-to-day basis whether in a portfolio, programme or project context.

Delivering to you the reliability and security of a structured, standards-based, day-to-day support service, Velopi’s Project Management Support-As-A-Service can be customized to your needs on a pay-per-use, retainer or fixed-term / fixed-cost basis.

Providing you with outside thinking that is structured, rational and objective, your Velopi Advisor can facilitate and provide useful insights on how to resolve different challenges and implement new initiatives successfully.

The Results for You

Project Managers, Programme Directors and Senior Leaders have benefited from Velopi’s Project Support-As-A-Service in addressing areas such as:

Resource Management

Velopi’s advisors can assist from dealing with immediate resource shortages, team dynamics, conflicts and changing workload / schedule estimations to organizational challenges, such as internal competition for resources, multiple project portfolio management, or the development of ‘best in class’ approaches to resource management.

Project Management Office (PMO) Development

Whether designing a new Project Management Office (PMO) or revitalising an existing one, Velopi’s Advisors have provided trusted support in business transformation from selecting the best change strategy to the tactical plans and their execution. Velopi’s advisors will design a PMO that is fit for purpose, will bring business benefit and also define a catalogue of services the PMO should offer now and in the future. Critical to achieving successful organizational change is Stakeholder buy-in. Here Velopi’s advisors help by effectively articulating the business and personal benefits to each stakeholder audience - whether cross functional or international, team members and senior management.

Mentoring and Developing World Class Project Managers

For the novice, or even the experienced project manager who is looking to improve, Velopi’s advisor’s offer individually configurable coaching and mentoring programmes to optimize professional development and to deliver operational excellence for their organizations. This service can be especially important on big customer projects where the project manager needs support and guidance especially in the project planning phase. This service is also particularly useful for organizations where project managers have difficulty accessing middle and senior managers. Here, the project managers need to become more independent and self-starting. In a profession that is rapidly evolving with new ideas and methods, Velopi’s Advisors help keep your project management knowledge and competencies up to date with the latest thinking.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Velopi’s Advisors help by providing a rational objective voice in the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) process addressing such issues as:

  • Ensuring the Project Portfolio is aligned with the business strategy and providing stronger focus in situations where there are many parallel activities
  • Optimizing business value by identifying good projects, not having too many low-value projects and being willing to terminate non-performing projects
  • Enabling good critical decision making using objective criteria, and sound evaluation processes
  • Streamlining unwieldy PPM processes to ensure stakeholder support
  • Preparing the organizational for PPM

Project Rescue

Not all projects go to plan. In fact, Project Rescue is a large part of Velopi’s work. With the support of Velopi’s Advisors, Senior, Project and Programme Managers have led the response to risks of project failure. Their good recovery of a bad situation demonstrated their creativity and resilience in rescuing projects – with the unexpected positive benefit of demonstrating their leadership capability and enhancing how they were viewed within their organisations.

Velopi Case Studies

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