Project Management Essentials: Skills Covered

Project Management Essentials Skills Covered

This introductory course in project management is ideal for developing the essential skills required to understand and manage projects.

By taking a series of learning actions during and after the course, you will be able to convince your manager that you are competent to deal with basic projects.

The following table shows the skills needed to manage projects, what you will be capable of doing after the course and how that relates to what your manager expects of you.

SkillLearning ActionManager’s Expectation
Project DefinitionDefine new and re-define existing project goals, using the SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time framed)Communicate effectively with management;Understand the business outcome of your project
Stakeholder ManagementIdentify both internal and external stakeholders and determine an engagement strategy for eachIncreased stakeholder satisfaction;Fewer complaints and misunderstandings;More supportive stakeholders
Project ScopingIdentify project requirements and decompose project deliverables using a Work Breakdown Structure. Ensure the planned work is carried outTestable and measurable requirements;Clear understanding of work required;Clear demarcation of the project;Fewer gaps and duplications;Less scope creep
Project SchedulingCreate project schedules and track actual progress against them throughout the projectResource and duration requirements clearly documented;Potential compression options identified;Realistic use of contingency reserves
Risk ManagementIdentify, prioritize and respond to risks. Document them in the Risk RegisterAwareness of overall project risk;Sensible mitigation and contingency plans in place;Realistic contingency reserves in place
Effective CommunicatingReport progress effectively and ensure there are open communications channels with all stakeholders and team membersClear understanding of the project’s current status;Few queries or misunderstandings from stakeholders
Overall Project ManagementDirect and manage the execution phase of the project. Control necessary changes and close out the project on completionFew (if any) issues escalated;Close correlation between estimated and actual scope, schedule and budget;Satisfied customers at project end

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