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Up until January 2021, if you wanted to obtain Project Management Professional (PMP)® accreditation, you went looking for a PMP® exam preparation course run by one of the Project Management Institute’s Registered Education Providers (REPs).

All Change: Providers Have Become Partners

Today, you will need to find one of the Institute’s Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) instead.

An ATP, such as Velopi Ltd., is an organization whose trainers have undergone a gruelling, two-day training course and who has exclusive access to the Institute’s learning management system (called CHOICE), its student manuals and the Institute’s own slideware.

What does this mean for the Student?

The most obvious change is that the PMP® exam preparation course is now 5 days in duration.

Each student will be given an access key to the Project Management Institute’s learning management system, from which they can access videos and other learning supports, including a comprehensive student manual (392 pages long!).

Students taking a PMP® exam preparation course with an ATP also benefit from having their 35 hour training requirement automatically logged with the Institute and there is less likelihood that your application will be audited.

Of course, selecting Velopi for your PMP® exam preparation training provider means that you will also have access to our famous exam simulator.  Feedback from students who have sat the PMP® exam in 2021 (and passed!) suggests that our simulated exams are just that slight bit more difficult than the real thing. This is exactly what we want to hear.

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