PMP® Certification Requirements

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For project managers, having a professional qualification in project management is important in terms of career development and future mobility. The most widely recognized and respected of these qualifications is the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) Project Management Professional (PMP)® accreditation. This is based on the PMI’s Standard for Project Management and its Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Velopi has many years’ experience providing its students with the training and support they need to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP)® accreditation. We will help you with the application process, provide official, PMI authorized training and extensive study support to help you all the way to the exam itself.

How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Day

What is a PMP® Certification?

The PMP® is an internationally recognized, project management qualification. Currently, there are more than 1.2 million project managers worldwide with this accreditation. Here in Ireland, there are over 3,600 project managers who have obtained the PMP®.

Obtaining the PMP® not only improves a project manager’s employment prospects, it also has a positive influence on salary expectations. According to the Project Management Institute’s 2021 report, “Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey”, the median salary for PMP® certified project managers is 14% higher in Europe (and 16% higher globally) than for those without this certification.

PMP® Certification Stats:

14%+ Median Salary in Europe

1.2 Million Project Managers

Enhance Employability

Competitive Edge

Increase Revenues

For those with adequate project management experience, it’s essential to acquire 35 contact hours of project management training. If you haven’t finished a PMI Global Accreditation Center approved degree course, you should consider enrolling in a PMP® Exam Preparation course.

Eligibility Requirements

Only experienced project managers may apply to take the PMP® exam. The amount of experience required depends on your academic qualifications.

Project Management Experience

If you have obtained a four-year degree, you need less project management experience than if you do not. Also, if you have a bachelors or master’s degree in project management that has been accredited by the PMI’s Global Accreditation Center, you will need even less experience to apply.

Type Experience Required Interval Required PM Education Required
High-school diploma / Secondary School Leaving Certificate 60 months leading projects 60 months leading projects 35 hours
Four Year Degree 36 months leading projects Within the last eight years 35 hours
PMI Global Accreditation Center approved bachelors or master’s degree. 24 months leading projects Within the last eight years 0 hours

Recording Your Experience

In terms of recording your project management experience, there are some rules you need to be aware of:

  • Project management experience is non-overlapping. The PMI accounts for the number of months you have worked as a project manager, not the number of projects. Therefore, if you managed two projects simultaneously over a six month period, that experience is worth six months in total and not twelve.
  • The month is the unit of measure. The PMI assumes that projects start on the first of the month and finish on the last day of the month. This might involve a little adjustment of the actual project dates to avoid overlaps.
  • When is eight years ago? This also has consequences in terms of your eight year eligibility window. If you are making your application in the middle of March, your experience needs to date from April eight years ago!
Example of Overlapping Projects

PMP® Certification Application Process

If you are eligible to apply then the next step is to submit the online application.

1. Become a member of the Project Management Institute before you start.

  1. You are advised to become a member of the Project Management Institute before you start.

2. Fill out the application form

  1. You can save the form at any stage and return to it if you are missing anything, or wish to confirm an item with Velopi.
  2. Note that, once you meet your experience target, the online system will not accept any further project details.

3. Submit the form and await the outcome.

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