The value of a concise Project Management Professional (PMP)® Cheat Sheet

How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Day

There are a number of areas in the PMP® Exam where questions are based on mathematical equations. To succeed in these question areas, all you need is to know the formulas and understand their application. Velopi’s PMP® Formulas Cheat Sheet provides a quick visual reference of all of the key formulas required for the PMP® Exam.

This information is also very useful for a PMP® braindump. When you are sitting in the exam centre prior to beginning the PMP® exam, you will have 15 minutes to get used to the environment. You can use this time to quickly dump all of the information onto the paper provided in the examination centre.

By learning Velopi’s PMP® Exam Cheat Sheet, you will be able to quickly replicate the PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet from memory. This will help you succeed in relevant PMP® exam questions.

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