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Today, we’re going to run through some of the different types of questions you may be asked in the PMP® project management exam. The ability to recognize and deal with each type of question will significantly increase your chances of attaining PMP® certification. All PMP® sample questions on our exam simulator are based on these question types.

Formula Based Questions:

Obviously, these questions are based on the approximately 50 formulas one must know for the PMP® exam. It is very important to learn these formulas inside out and to actively practice using the formulas. Our courses will give you methods to understand these formulas. These techniques will make them easy to remember. Formula based questions are really good in multiple-choice PMP® questions in that there is a right answer once you plug the values into the formula.

Situational Based Questions:

These questions test your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real life project management scenarios. They can be quite long, involve a lot of reading and therefore, time. It’s important to quickly recognize what is important in the question and be able to ignore the unnecessary information that will almost certainly be thrown in to confuse you.

Knowledge Based Questions:

These questions may ask you to identify the meaning of a project management scenario based on the information provided. They are quite broad in nature. For example, you could get a question where you are asked to find the exception within the four answers given or you may be asked to name a type of chart or diagram. E.g. The Pareto Chart.

Interpretational Questions:

Interpretational questions give you a description of a situation and ask you about the best options to take. For example, they could give you a situation where a project is behind schedule and ask you to pick the best option a project manager should take to make up the lost time.

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