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How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Day

You have attended Project Management Professional Training; you have read the study materials; you have learned the PMP® Cheat Sheet; you believe you have a good handle on project management theories and the application of those theories; and you feel as if you are ready to take the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.
The PMP® Exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions that must be answered in under 4 hours. That equates to just over one minute of allotted time per question. This in itself can be intimidating.
The PMP® exam is a computer based exam with specific features and functions you will want to be comfortable with prior to taking the exam. You will need to be able to focus exclusively on the 180 multiple choice questions in order to complete the exam in under 4 hours.

Using an exam simulator prior to your exam offers the user the opportunity to experience a “real” exam environment before sitting the exam.

6 Benefits of using Velopi’s Exam Simulator

  1. You will feel more comfortable with the user interface of the exam. You will go into the exam with an understanding of the look and feel of the exam. The exam will feel familiar which will be one less thing to worry about when you are taking the PMP® exam.
  2. You will be calmer because you have done this so many times before. You will be accustomed to how the exams features and functions which will let you focus more on the questions than trying to understand the format of the exam
  3. You will know how to pace yourself and be able to answer 180 questions in under 4 hours. After using the simulator you will have an understanding as to the pace in which you need to respond to questions in order to answer all 180 in less than 4 hours.
  4. You will be able to identify areas of strength and weakness. Following each exam you will be able to identify the areas in which you need to spend some additional time studying for and the areas in which you excel.
  5. You will have the ability to take the exams when it suits you. Using our PMP® Exam Simulator allows you to take practice exams at times that fit your schedule…these can be taken any time and as many times as you wish.
  6. You will become more and more confident with every sample exam you take. As you become increasingly successful in taking the practice exams you will feel progressively confident in your capability to pass the PMP® Exam.

Investing in using a PMP® Exam Simulator with professionally developed PMP® questions will provide you with a genuine exam experience; allow you to become accustomed to the exam interface; provide you with a sense of calm due to familiarity with the test environment; prepare you to answer 180 multiple choice questions in 4 hours; assist you in identifying areas which may need additional preparation; affords you the ability to take practice exams on your schedule; and provide you with confidence in your ability to pass the PMP® Exam.

All our Project Management Professional and Certified Associated of Project Management participants get unlimited access until certification to our simulated PMP® exams and our CAPM® exams respectively. You can also buy unlimited access to these exams for just $14.99.

Velopi’s PMP® Exam Simulator offers the learner the opportunity to prepare for and experience a “real” exam environment prior to sitting for the real PMP® exam.

If you would like more information about our Exam Simulator, just contact us.

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