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As any PMP© will tell you (and any PMP© exam student should tell you) decision-making is needed in several project management processes. It will be a very good PMP© who will be able to recite which processes these are, because there are fifteen in total.

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The Role of the Project in Decision-Making

Of course, the project itself is a huge factor. There is no point getting the project team involved in a decision where they are totally out of their depth. In some cases, where a lot of data is involved, it might be quicker for one person to work out what the decision should be rather than take the time to explain to the others. This leads us into the last factor: time pressure. Getting the project team involved takes time. The problem has to be explained clearly and the group has to bounce ideas around. There might be a better outcome in the end, but the decision might arrive too late.

Balancing Directives and Team Involvement

In the end, there is no right or wrong approach. If you need to direct, direct; if the project team is up for it and the environment is right, then involve the group in the process. Involving the project team was cited in your PMP© course as good for team building (remember the Develop Team process?).

Benefits and Pitfalls of Team Involvement

It also can raise the level of employee motivation, increase the readiness of project team members to accept change, improve the quality of all managerial decisions, develop teamwork and morale, as well as furthering individual development. But always remember this caveat from the authors: “To provide the individual or the group with greater freedom than they are ready for at any given time may very well tend to generate anxieties and therefore inhibit rather than facilitate the attainment of desired objectives.”

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