10 Key Questions To Ask Before Starting Any Project


If you are contemplating managing a project, you first need to know that project management is not a zero-time task. It takes effort and energy and time. All of this should be repaid in wastage avoided during the project, but you need to be sure you can commit the time needed for the management task. If you try to squeeze in your project management responsibilities around other priority activities without doing something to free up the necessary time, then you will almost certainly encounter problems.

Here are ten key questions you should ask before you start a project:

1. Is the need for this project understood and agreed by everyone who will have to contribute resources to it?
2. Do you understand the project authorization and monitoring procedures in your firm?
3. If you take on the management of the project, will you be given the authority to make decisions about the project direction?
4. If this is your first project, will you get the support and guidance from more experienced project managers?
5. Do you know why you have been chosen to manage this project? Have you thought through what this tells you about the motivations of the other people involved?
6. Can you commit the time needed to manage his project?
7. Will you be responsible for the initial definition of scope, timing and cost? If these have already been set, can you review and renegotiate them if required?
8. Has the person described the concept to you directly in their own words?
9. Do you know enough about your organisation’s track record with projects? Have you got the maximum learning from others’ experience?
10. Are you ready willing and able to apply the project management process and guidelines?

Remember that after each project you are adding to your experience as a project manager, your ability to solve problems, and your strong foundation in Project Management.

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